Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Experiment in Reality

I was sitting in a very old chair that has traveled with me all over the world (I plan to write a post about it soon), feeling grateful for its ever-present presence in my life. And then I realized I was in a sunbeam. And then I noticed the dust specks whirling about. Already blissed out by an experience of abundance and peace after sitting in meditation, I picked up my camera and began to ramble stream-of-consciously about the nature of our reality. It's all about perception; how do we choose to view our life, and what do we wish to see?

I'm a bit blissed now, pharmaceutically-free, but wanted to share this insight of my life with my friends and family. Regardless of the situation, I'm finding that I can still find peace, even if it currently presents itself in intermittent showers. Or little flecks of dust. Namaste'.

p.s. Please pardon the mess; my flat usually isn't so crowded and cluttered, but I recently received a delivery of things that I love dearly, which contributes to my feeling of gratitude for all that is. My flat is small enough that it requires some creative arrangement which is, at the moment, a bit difficult for reasons I won't go into right now. It might be a story for another time...