Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picture, thousand words, 99 bucks, revisited. Or, proof that Tee needs a new camera.

I went for a ride today in the drear. Regardless of the weather, I have a daily reason to ride; the town has an ordinance which states that no dwelling within a half mile of the post office is allowed a mailbox and residents must collect their mail at the post office. If I want my mail every day, I have to trek the quarter mile to get it. When I first moved here, I thought that would be a nuisance, an annoyance, a real inconvenience. The opposite is proving to be true. Even on days when I don't particularly feel like getting out of bed, let alone my apartment, if I want my mail, I get on my bike and go. Somedays, that half-mile round trip is as far as I'm able to go.

I thought that today might be one of those days. After I picked up the mail for myself (I got prezzies from Japan, via Canada!) and a neighbor (I'm happy to make mail runs for my friends), I decided I hadn't adequately moved my bones. So, I rode another mile or so to where I know the eagles are. I'd only been there a few moments when one came flying by, circled, then landed in the newer of two nests not far from one another. I grabbed my camera, switched it to video mode, and made a funny chirping noise that I hoped would entice the eagle to pop his head up so I could see him. He did more than that; he flew from his nest while I was filming. I was hoping...hoping I had him in frame, hoping he wouldn't be mad at me for disturbing him, and hoping I hadn't made him think twice about moving into that particular neighborhood...nosy neighbors!

One of the border patrol guards came driving by as I was putting down my camera and asked if I'd got the shot. I explained to him that I wouldn't know until I got home because of my camera's foibles. He wished me luck and drove away. I saw Mr. Eagle flying back and began filming again.

As you can see, I managed to film him. Not in the first video; all you can see in that are trees and sky whizzing by, and there's not an eagle in sight. The second video captured his regal eagleness, however. Not very well, and not for very long, but he's there. And after he landed, I saw Mrs. Eagle pop up her head. I can safely say that I believe there will be fledgling eagles in this nest. I consider myself so very fortunate for being given the opportunity to watch them today. Such majestic creatures.

So much for drear, eh? There's always a reason to ride my bike. Always. Namaste'.

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