Thursday, September 3, 2009

Calling all readers! Calling all readers!

I would like to know the answer to a question to which, if you choose, you must be honest. Perhaps not brutally so, as I am a sensitive soul...

I'm sure there's a way to add an anonymous poll on here, but since I don't see one and am not presently inclined to go looking for code with which to tinker...(damn OCD; the spelling and grammar will be impeccable while the punctuation shows the creative license because I try to address my readers as if I were speaking; my punctuation reflects that). Now, how's that for OCD? < /stream of consciousness>

Back to my question. Would you be comfortable answering a question about me? I realize that I probably come across as a real Moonbeam or Earth Mother, as some would call me, a real hippie. Others might say I'm a whack job and think that, truly, there must be something wrong with me. The way I see myself, or at least my perception of myself, is a free spirit, liberated and semi-enlightened, happy because, even if I can't explain the answers, I know the answers.

Please tell me...what is your perception of me? Off the wall crazy? Stoned off my arse (a real possibility when the ischemia is screamia-ing), Connected to All in the most groovy way? Way past ripe for the funny farmer's market? Hey, I just made that up as I was typing it. Pretty clever, eh? Now that's multitasking. However comma, I digress. Be honest, but remember, I have a tender heart soul consciousness. How do you percieve me? I would ask how you see me, but that's another kettle of fish-shaped crackers (I'm a vegetarian) for another time. If you don't feel you know me well enough to have an opinion, read back through several the videos. If that's not me, I don't know who else could possibly be having this much fun. Base your answer on that.

This post brought to you courtesy of the accidental students I encountered this evening and experienced a divine connection as a result. A Bodhisattva (in any belief [I do not mean religion]) must first learn to teach before she can teach to learn. Namaste'.


Jason said...

Yep, you're crazy. Of course, it's a crazy world we live in, so the only sane reaction is to go crazy and save your sanity for later. How much later?

Ahhh, there's the trick, Moonbeam.

I think you've made the right choices for you. They're not the choices I would have made, now or in the past, but things seem to be working out, so you must be doing something right. Also, I'm not the one living with the consequences, so who am I to judge?

You know what just struck me? I mean just now, as I was typing this, a thought occurred to me. The highest reflection of the content of your character lies in your willingness to ask questions about it. I think I've just discovered a truth...

Yokota Fritz said...

You come across as a reasonably sane person to me, but then I live in hippy dippy Santa Cruz so somebody like you is "normal" to me. I don't share your spiritual views but I'm a fairly open minded individual.

Carleenp said...

You are kind and sensitive hippie chick.

Sometimes when you post certain things or do certain things I say "that is so Tee" and I smile. The thing is, what is so "Tee" is more than just being a kind and sensitive hippie chick, so I guess it is hard to describe.

Robin said...

You are my favorite Earth Cookie.

I see what you type and know it makes me a better person. Why? Because I reflect on your words, digest it and smile. You make me think about the things I wouldn't normally.

Are you different? Damn right you are. But that is what I love about you. You have much to say and I have much to hear.

Thank you for being who you are!

Robin said...

It's hard to get a read on you, on anyone, online. You are the geocacher I wish to meet above all others specifically to see what you are all about! Your postings have intrigued me for years. You are, as well, the last person whom I would have expected to ask this question! You appear to be so introspective and self-aware that I wouldn't have thought that you give what others think of you much value. If I had to choose a single word for my perception of you it would be "comfortable".
Hippie? Maybe, in the most fundamental understanding of what that was all about. Flower child would be more likely.
Whatever you are I think I like it and still hope to come to know you.

webscouter said...

Tee, I think you are a little naive, a little lost and scared, not quite sure who you are, or what your life is meant to be.

You have made some choices that I believe are based on misdirected ideas and philosophies and can only impact your life and not the collective community that we live in.

But I admire your commitment, passion and obvious love for your fellow man. I am inspired by your devotion to what you believe and your ability to share who you are without becoming "preachy" about it.

I look forward to the time when you and I can sit and ingest the world together, to share compassion and encouragement, and to drink that perfect cuppa tea.

P.S. you know me as "webscouter."

bf said...

I don't know you IRL at all, but there are those who say that even those who know us "best" only see their projection of who they think we are, in reality a projection of their thoughts.

The longer I live, the more I'm convinced that this is indeed true. If I asked a group of my friends to describe me, I would doubtless get a variety of responses. There may be some commonalities, and perhaps those would be beneficial to learn but the sad truth is that we are our experts on ourselves.

And I still (at times) surprise myself.

I've taken the enneagram, the Myers-Briggs, the MMPI, I've meditated, I've done the therapy thing, I've asked others and I've become convinced that none of us ever really know anyone else.

But perhaps I'm wrong. Always willing to be wrong.

Have a great day. I'm very much enjoying reading your blog.