Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Postcards from camp

A few photos from Occupy Bellingham, my home away from home, while we recover from having about 2/3 of our camp dismantled by the strong winds last night.

This is Suzie, our resident mooch. Too cute to deny, she runs off the other swirls, much like the one-footed starling who knows she alone is allowed to clean up after us.

Home away from home

When we're really lucky, an anonymous donor brings us hot bricks to warm our hands and place in our sleeping bags to warm and dry our cold tootsies.

Support from down the road...awesome! And yummy!

My new boops...good camo, and they keep my feet dry, if not terribly warm and comfy. Dry is still a very, very good thing at camp.

Stick around for deeper blogging...I'm currently running on very little sleep and/or rest. This is just a glimpse into the unexpected things you might see at camp.

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