Monday, June 28, 2010

Help! I'm being oppressed!

I have had two Christian friends both lash out at my beliefs in the past week. I have respected their dogmatic system of beliefs that, while they seem to work for the people if they truly live by their faith, are definitely not true for me. The respect isn't a reciprocal thing, however. Because of what I believe, my two friends pray hard for my soul which they know is doomed to Hell if I don't see the error of my ways. I humbly thank them for their prayers; we could all use the good energy. :)

Dude...I've been to Hell. And back. And now I'm in Heaven. Why? How? Because I choose to create the heavenly reality I want to experience. I do. Not a God in the sky who can only be proven by the Bible, a book written, censored, hidden, controlled, and manipulated by Man. All I wanna do is walk this here path...the one that still has Jesus' footprints on it. Okay?

I notice I lost a follower or two after my last post, too. My apologies if I accidentally offended anyone, but such is life. My philosophy, my faith in what I believe is just as strong and true for me as yours is for you. If I can accept and respect the differences in what we believe, why can't [a theoretical] you?

"Blinders, blinders everywhere, but not a thought to think." ~Tee King


Fire Monkey said...

I am sorry that you have had this prolem but I can't say I am surprised. Not all Christians are like that but it is true that many are, I hope you can understand it comes from fear - those who are strong in their faith do not feel the need to lash out at those who do not agree but others fear contriditions and questions and anyone who takes a different stand because they are unsure themselves.

Although I don't adhere to any formal church any more, I was raised Baptist and converted to Catholic and I view myself as Christian - but I don't judge others or follow a dogmatic path and I don't believe that is what Christianity is supposed to be. I can't appologise for others but I can sympathize for what you have faced and assure you that I at least have respect for you.

Mark said...

"If you do not say a thing in an irritating way, you may as well not say it at all, because people will not trouble themselves about anything that does not trouble them"
George Bernard Shaw

No need whatsoever to apologize for speaking YOUR truth! Thank you for being one of the brave souls who do so from deep within.
(do it freely, and unapologetically!)

TheAlabamaRambler said...

Hang in there, Tee! Zealotry of any form requires a lot of energy; they will tire of it. In the meantime you know who you are, so their opinion of you shouldn't rattle your confidence.

Anonymous said...

As one of your "closed minded" Christians, I am offended at your intentional ignoring of the REAL truth, Jesus, and how you lump Him in with men who, like you, were seeking the truth somewhere else rather than from the one and only God. The picture is lame and offensive as well!

Anonymous said...

You haven't been to "Hell" you've had misery, but have no idea what Hell will be like.

Tee said...

Welcome, Anonymous. Your two posts help to illustrate my points. With all due respect, I thank you. Namaste'.

Julie from B&B Sumas said...

The interesting thing about those self-identified close-minded Christians is that they were as anonymous in their posts as they will be when their afterlife. They can live by their book and die by their book, more power to them! Myself, I would rather not hide behind any written word or system other than what I carve out for myself. There will be no diety and book of words to hide behind if confronted about my action, I will take full credit/responsibilities for my own failures and accomplishments while I lived, do by best without impending threat of hellfire and damnation, and know that my grassroots made a difference. It's a shame that those with close minds never seem to have closed mouths :p

the heathen next door